Results speak for themselves.


That's why we're proud to share the experiences of physicians we've worked with, for whom we've made a real and measurable difference.  Here are a few of them, explaining what sets Campeon apart:


Lance Kugler, MD


“Campeon brings a fresh perspective to our industry. They took the time to learn our culture and values before making any recommendations. Once they understood our needs and goals, they made specific suggestions to improve our sales process and conversions, which had an immediate impact on our bottom line.”

- Lance Kugler, MD; CEO, Kugler Vision.

G. Brock Magruder, Jr., M.D.


“We recently hired Campeon Partners to help us revamp our refractive surgery pricing and sales process. I was impressed at the detailed analysis Joe Bartel performed both before and during his practice visit. He made very specific and valuable recommendations that were truly customized to our practice, employee culture, and personnel. After our management team had worked with Joe to fine-tune these recommendations, he personally coached key staff to help us implement our new processes. Joe gives one the sense he feels “ownership” in the business, as starkly contrasted with arm’s length consultants we have used in the past. I highly recommend Campeon Partners for any practice consulting needs.”

- G. Brock Magruder, Jr., M.D.; CEO, Magruder Laser Vision

Richard Norden, MD


"Since I began performing RK in 1990 and then LASIK in 1995, I have used a large number of consultants to improve various aspects of my refractive practice and my five-year-old aesthetic practice, from marketing to business development. Campeon is the first with whom I didn’t feel that I was subjected to cookie-cutter analysis and recommendations.
"They took the time to first analyze and spend time with my staff and me, to better understand the detailed workings of my practice and then provided solutions that were adaptive in an ongoing fashion. We specifically concentrated on negotiating strategies with distributive negotiation introduced to staff with role-playing, and concentrated on obtaining the best price for each service provided by us.  They also followed up with us after they left the practice, evaluating various data that we provided regarding financial outcomes and critiquing various negotiations we reported. All along they showed an unusual and keen level of and genuine interest in our performance and how to improve it, which was all included in their fee. We felt like they were an integral part of our team and planning.
"As a result of Campeon's efforts, we have improved our negotiation skills and close rates at higher prices with a direct effect on our bottom line.”

- Richard Norden, MD; CEO, Norden Laser Eye Associates.

Adelene Jann, MD


"I had the pleasure of working with Joe Bartel on two different occasions regarding my physician employment contract. He was highly recommended by another physician friend.  He was approachable and responsive. Joe was knowledgeable on the legal terms of my contract as well as NY state labor laws. He clarified several details which were written vaguely, and also pointed out negotiable aspects of my contract.

"I trusted his judgment and was confident in his legal advice in the review of my employment agreement. I would recommend him to other physicians, and would not hesitate to use his services again in the future."

- Adelene Jann, MD; Assistant Professor of Neurology, NYU Langone Medical Center

Michael J. Shumski, M.D., M.S.E.


“In medicine we’re accustomed to the perspective that every patient is different and unique in his or her own way. This notion also applies to the business side of our practices and is reflected in a practice’s unique mix of service offerings, patient population and demographics, staff and management culture, operations, and finances. Instead of trying to mold us into a one-size-fits-all solution, Joe was able to dig into the details of our practice’s processes and habits to offer recommendations tailored to our unique setting.

Providing our patients with an exceptional experience from start to finish is the highest priority for our practice. Communicating effectively with patients is critical. Joe is a master communicator, and he helped us fine-tune our patient experience from start-to-finish to more clearly articulate our services and their value. Working with Joe has translated into better experiences for our patients and added value to our practice.” 

~ Michael J. Shumski, M.D., M.S.E., Magruder Laser Vision

Anna M Budde, M.D.


"Joe did an amazing job helping me with my contract negotiations. As a physician, I really didn't have time to read through the contract carefully, and without his help I would have signed something without really understanding it. Joe walked me through the process and was helpful and responsive throughout. He pointed out areas of the contract that concerned him and explained everything. He handled communicating with the hospital leadership and HR and legal departments, so that from the time I hired him I didn't have to spend any more time worrying about it. It was a great decision to get him involved, and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for help with contract negotiations!"

- Anna M Budde, M.D., Fellow in Critical Care Anesthesiology, University of Chicago Medical Center



"I worked with Joe when my practice sold itself to a large corporate hospital entity. I had concerns about certain aspects of my new employment contract, but I was equally concerned that voicing my opinion would harm my standing with my group and with my new employer. Joe listened carefully to me, and he understood exactly what I was worried about. He assured me that he could help without disrupting the delicate relationships I needed to preserve. I was pleasantly surprised when Joe was able to negotiate some changes to address my position as a sub-specialist, and I signed my contract confidently. Joe is knowledgeable and professional, and he's easy to work with. He was always available, he responded promptly to my e-mails and phone calls, and he kept me in the loop when he dealt with the legal department of my new employer. Also, he was careful to explain otherwise opaque contractual provisions so that I would understand how they impacted me, and so that I felt fully-informed throughout the process. I highly recommend Joe." 

- Keith Haller, D.O., Pediatric Anesthesiologist, Lenox Hill Hospital, New York, NY