Representative Services

  • Analysis of recorded phone calls to identify which techniques are required to convert more calls to consultations.
  • Sales processes for converting consultations into booked procedures. We teach how to sell without "selling", so physicians can remain trusted caregivers for their patients.
  • Negotiating techniques. Physicians can – and must – learn how to negotiate, whether as patient-pay specialists or insurance-based businesses. Physicians are frequently involved in negotiations while running their practices, even when they do not recognize the situation by name. Patients, vendors, and employees are all potential counterparts in negotiations that physicians must learn to engage. We moderate mock negotiation exercises designed to simulate negotiations with patients and vendors and employees (and in ways that apply outside of the office as well, with kids, spouses, car dealers, homebuilders, etc.)
  • Emphasizing value to obtain highest pricing from patients. Learn how to assert and defend your value proposition. Too frequently, physicians (like many who have not trained formally in negotiating) concede that which need not be conceded. 
  • Creating tiered pricing and customizing target price points. Pricing strategy is within your control, and it is a major source of potential revenue. 
  • Site visits. We initially study practices in 2-day office visits, and our fees include effectively unlimited post-visit follow-up for the first 3 months. Our visits are non-disruptive, and don't require a decrease in patient load.   During that time, we embed with office teams, sitting in on 'closing' meetings with patients at the end of their consultations, and in meetings with staff.  Because we know physicians are extremely busy, we're practiced at accumulating one-on-one time even if in 15-minute increments between patients over the course of the days we're there.
  • Data analysis. We scour trailing average revenue per patient, volume, and conversion yields, to find opportunities, and low-hanging fruit for improvement.

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